The Complete Guide to Blender Graphics
What's New ?

New to the Third Edition

This Third Edition of The Complete Guide to Blender Graphics has been compiled to reflect the subtle changes which have been made to the program's interface up to BLENDER version 2.76. While it is tempting to expand on topics and add new material to a new edition there is a limited space between the covers. Despite this,  it has been possible to include the following:

A description of the improved Object Tools Panel which provides a more comprehensive access to many of the Blender functions.

An introduction in the use of Blender's Spin and Spin Duplication tools which allows a quick generation of circular Objects and Arrays.

Instruction for animating the shape of objects and characters by employing “AnimAll”.

“AnimAll” is one of many additional features (Add-ons) which may be incorporated into Blender, extending functionality.

An introduction to “Liquid Simulation” using “Particles” which is complimentary to “Fluid Physics Simulation”.

A practical example in the use of “Shapes Keys” and  “Action Editor” which allows the animation of character features.

Additional instruction and examples have been included for the Blender Game Engine.

A dedicated chapter to the Blender Cycles Rendering process.

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