What is    BLENDER ?

Blender is a 3D Computer Graphics Modelling and Animation Program.

The program provides all the tools for creating models and animated figures in scenes which can be rendered into photorealistic still images or animated movie files.

Blender opens a world of creativity which has been traditionally exclusive to those able to afford high end graphics software.

The Blender program is maintained by the Blender Foundation and released as “Open Source Software”. This software is free to be downloaded and used by anyone for any purpose from the Blender website at:

Blender is a comprehensive program with limitless possibilities, which allows the enthusiast to explore and understand the processes of computer modelling and animation.

The Complete Guide to Blender Graphics is a textbook and reference manual designed for those who wish to undertake this learning experience.

The book introduces the components of the Blender program through the Graphical User Interface (GUI). The GUI is the arrangement of windows and panels containing the controls for operating the program.

The Third Edition of The Complete Guide to Blender Graphics reflects the latest version of the Blender program. Blender is continually under review and being improved with new and exciting features being added.

Blender may be operated on Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems.

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