Blender is a comprehensive application, therefore it is impossible to include everything in a single manual. The topics listed here are complimentary to “The Complete Guide to Blender Graphics” and are intended to be used in conjunction with the book. The reader must have studied the book and mastered the operation of the controls applicable to the supplement.


Cell Fracture  


How to make an object break into multiple parts when hit by another object.

This is similar to “Fracture” but with additional options for controlling the subdivision.

Navigation Mesh creates a path for an object to follow when seeking a target in the “Blender Game Engine”.


An example of combining some of Blender's features. In this example a model of a chain link is created and extended into a chain.


How to build a wall or an obstacle which can be demolished.

Dynamic Paint

Dynamic paint is a modifier and physics system that can create vertex colors, image sequences or the displacement of an object surface.

Path Animation

How to animate an object to follow a path.

Train on a Track

The basic principles of constructing a train of objects and animating them to follow a track.

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Character Rigging

Rigging using the Rigify Add-on